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At Made For More, we will be working on a special projects series that will help promote mental wellness, and focus on our stress relief theme. You can come here to see our past projects and learn how to get more involved for upcoming ones!

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Made for More has released the "I Get You" project in the hopes that it will allow any and all children to come and relieve some stress through various art forms. We want this project to highlight the expression of how children have been able to survive this pandemic whether it be through art, writing, bullet journaling or all of the above. This project reaches out to children from our local community as well as around the world to help them heal any damage COVID may have done to their hearts and minds. At the end of this project, we will be taking all of these beautiful expressions and putting them into a book that will be published to show people all around the world that they are not alone in their strife. We hope that reading this book compiled of so many amazing art forms will help so many others begin their own healing. 

We are still taking submissions even during these crazy lock downs! Please email any writing submissions to (or we can arrange contact-less pickup if you have handwritten submissions that you don't want to send via email)

For any of you with art submissions, please contact us so that we can arrange pickup (everything will be easier once we get a PO box set up but this is what will have to work for now)

Thank you!!!