Co- Founder

Hi I'm Hailey! I love sports, music, and anything that has to do with paint or a pen. I'm crazy about many things, but my biggest love would have to be the kids of this generation. This Nonprofit was born from that love... love for all kids like me, who have walked too long in the darkness without a light. This Nonprofit was built on what I think is most helpful to cope with life's biggest stressors and I hope that it can help so many more of you in one way or another.


Co- Founder

Hi I’m Katie! I am passionate about spreading awareness for our environment and how we are all interconnected. I am equally passionate about playing piano and flute and creating various forms of art. I find meaning in helping kids discover their natural passions and talents, new creative outlets, and bringing their dreams to fruition. My hobbies and interests bring me relaxation and happiness. Through this Nonprofit, my goal is to introduce kids to their own to make life-long connections, cope with stress, and ultimately live a more meaningful life. I hope to cultivate camaraderie by collaborating on these shared projects and thereby building each other up.



Co- Founder

Hi I’m Keerti! I love playing tennis, hiking, reading, and too many other things to name. As a person with many passions, I hope that this Nonprofit can be a place for other children to find their own. Doing what I love has helped me not only connect with others to form wonderful relationships, but has also allowed me to lead a less stressed and more meaningful life. I wanted to give back to my community by helping others discover what they love doing too—and thus, this Nonprofit was born.