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Our Roots

Made for More is the link between kids and the resources they need to live their life through their passions. We provide lifestyle classes, events, and networking to children of all ages to help them grow their talents so that they ultimately learn how to manage stress and live happier, more productive lives. Our lifestyle activities include art, sports, and writing camps, music lessons, bullet journaling classes, and so much more.

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Why We Started

Most teenagers feel they live stressful lives and younger kids are starting to catch on. Tests, friends, teachers, parents, sports, college, a pandemic, and trying to balance it all. Added to that, dreams and desires can be blocked by financial obstacles. The pileup can lead to uncertainties, stress, and anxiety. High school has been a trying time for us co-founders - something that was only exacerbated by COVID-19. Fortunately, we have strong support systems in place; however, not everyone is so lucky. We created this organization to provide a mentorship program within a family-like environment for children and teens who are struggling with stress, much like us. In times like these, it's important for all of us to come together as a community to BUILD EACH OTHER UP through shared fun times and support.



We're motivated and we've got you. If you have a passion, let's grow it... together. You don't know where to get started, or have the money to take the first step? This is where Made for More comes in. We will help open doors and break down the barriers that are stopping you from the journey you know you were made to be on.


Britt Nichole (singer)

"So what are you waiting for... 
You know you're made for more"